Client: Adidas​​​​​​​
Editorial Design, Print, Advertising
We were each able to speak into our unique expertise as creatives. I myself, having been part of numerous professional and collegiate-level branding projects throughout my career, was able to speak into the opportunities and challenges inherent in these projects.
The annual afforded us an opportunity to showcase our newest brand assets including new typefaces and icons. These were distributed globally for usage on product, in communications, at retail and everything in-between.
The periodical also gave us a platform to showcase some of our explorations that never made it to production. The ole cutting room floor, if you will. Because who doesn't enjoy seeing some behind the scenes footage!?
It's always important to be able to poke fun at yourself. The last couple of pages consisted of a classifieds section where we were all able to razz each other. It's important not to take yourself too seriously, and I think we did a good job of displaying our capabilities as well as our humorous side.
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