NBA All-Star 2014 New Orleans
Apparel Graphic Design
A custom typographic solution based on old apothecary and vintage voodoo lettering was created for this adidas Originals shirt. Below is the process and behind-the-scenes look at how I worked to develop the custom typography for this graphic.
This shirt was offered for a limited time on the adidas website during the All-Star period.
I started with a VERY loose sketch. Using bones for the letters was a no-brainer. I developed badges with symbols in them to represent both of the conferences East and West. Here I organized the layout and sketched where I wanted certain elements to fall within the composition.
I took the initial sketch and refined it. Lettering was fine tuned. The symbols and badges reworked. I finessed the tracking of the lettering inside the ribbons here as well.
I redrew the refined sketch in pen and added shading. This sketch would later be imported and used for the final digital piece.
Shading added to bones, badges and ribbons to add depth and detail.
Scan of final composition.
Actual printed sample. The official color palette from the All-Star identity system was applied to the line work. A custom crackle texture was added as well.
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