Client: Adidas
Branding, Identity, Storytelling, Product Marketing
From 1994 to Today
The Predator franchise is instantly recognizable to soccer fans. It sports a ridged toe cap for ball control and an iconic aggressive logo. We connected the cleats' past to its evolution in a historically-accurate and visually-intuitive way by preserving these signature features.
At the same time, we increased the logo's legibility and improved its geometric structure.

We pressure tested it across various materials and executions to make sure it would stand the test of time as well as work in various applications.
The boot itself was a highly innovative product utilizing a Primeknit upper and a newly designed outsole. The design carried with it features of the past as well: a grippy toecap and sharp, toothy design for ball control. The cleat's evolution paralleled the identity's, creating a harmonious balance of aggression, heritage and innovation.
The mark debuted embossed on the heelplate.
Behind the Scenes
We explored a vast amount of creative options for how the mark would come to life on product, including 3D rendering, modeling and printing as well as various finishing techniques. 

Notably, I experimented with hydro-dipped 3D blocks and destructive finishes. Hydro-dipping creates marbling, twists and turns analogous to the cleat's ability to shape ball flight. Chipping away layers of paint, the destructive finishes emulate the gesture of the toe-cap digging into the ball itself and this gritty exchange of energy at impact.
I utilized bump maps in Modo to create various textures for renders. For printing I used a simple extruded mesh backed with a primitive rectangle for quick and reliable outputs.
I also explored stamping the blocks into clay. This experiment generated a prehistoric, fossil-like impression.
Below is a displacement map that broke the mesh, making it unprintable. Oddly enough I think it speaks into the toothy aesthetic of the boot quite well, creating what some would refer to as a "happy accident."
Process Sketches
During the early exploratory phase I created several custom wordmarks illustrating the aggression and attitude of the franchise. Here are a few notable ones.
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