The San Jose Toads
The whole ordeal came about when I had a ficticious hockey draft at work where I selected my own unique team mascot, colors, and location. For the draft, the obvious choice was the San Jose Toads. I drafted this scrappy combo and set forth with branding the team. 
As far as the logo goes, I wanted to have fun. I outfitted the guy with some bumpy warts, an angry-eyed toad scowl, and some tiny little toad-fingers that grip just as good as a frogs if not better.
The outcome is what you see below. An ambitious toad with dreams of knocking somebody's teeth out. And possibly scoring a goal or two.
The biggest challenge with this project was illustrating the toad in a legitimately recognizable manner. I have never seen a toad sports logo--I've seen frogs, but never toads--so achieving a discernable toad was a challenge indeed. In the end, I believe the final looks one part toad, one part bad-ass and I consider this project as a win in my book.
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